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SVEG membership

  1. Pay the membership fee to the Bank giro: 5676-1372.
    Family membership costs 250 SEK (300 SEK  from abroad), and an individual membership costs 125 SEK (150 SEK from abroad)

    For payments from abroad: 
    IBAN-number: SE8580000821494130193701

  2. NOTE! Be sure to include who is paying for the membership fee, so we know who has paid!

  3. Fill out the form below.
    If you want a family membership, please fill in the names of all the family members in the forms Message field below.

  4. The SVEG membership fee is valid for a year. The fee for the following year should be paid no later than December 31 of the current year. If you do not pay the fee your membership will end. 



Föreningen SVEG
Kustvägen 185
S-26175 Asmundtorp

Phone: +46 707620612

You can always contact Chairman Björn M Jakobsen on e-mail:  or on mobile phone: +46 707 620 612.

A phone number we may reach you at.
Your postal address if you want to be able to receive information from us via the regular mail.
Any additional message to SVEG. If this is a family membership please specify the names of all family members here.